How to Create Ringtones for iPhone with iTunes

Easily create ringtones you want on your iPhones free. Follow these simple easy step-by-step instructions.

iPhones come with healthy selection of ringtones and there are many things you can do with it.
But what is you want one of your favourite song as your ringtone? You can find various apps on App Store to do it for your but this will surely set you back by few dollars and comes with many limitations. Try creating your own ringtone as there will be no limit to the songs you can choose and it will be absolutely free of cost.

Create a ringtone using Apple iTunes or Music

Step 1: Open iTunes and connect your iPhone

Start by launching iTunes on your MacBook or PC and make sure you are using the latest version. Check for updates via application toolbar ‘Help>>Check for Updates’. You can connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac now or after Step 5.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 1

Step 2: Choose a song

Head to your Music Library and pick the song you would want to convert to a ringtone. Do not worry, your actual music file will not be altered, this process just copies to a different file. Once you have chosen your song, decide what 30 seconds portion of song you want as a ringtone. Apple only allows any ringtone to be 30 seconds long maximum.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 2

Step 3: Edit song Start and End time

Now right click or click the dots on the right end of a song title and choose ‘Song Info’. In the ‘Options’ tab, enter your preferred start time and end time in the start and end box as shown in image below. Make sure Start is ticked if you do not want your ringtone to start from the begining of the song.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 3

Step 4: Convert to AAC version

GO to Main Toolbar in iTunes and click ‘File>>Convert>>Create AAC Version’. Apple uses AAC version to maintain its quality and reduce disk space. This should create a copy of the song you selected with your selected start and end times. It should automatically appear beneath your actual song in the music library. Now open original song’s info page once again and revert its original start and end times.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 4

Step 5: Change file extension

On a PC, right click the edited version of the song and choose ‘Show in Windows Explorer’ and ‘Show in Finder’ on Mac. Now change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r (used for ringtone). If file extension is not visible on windows PC, click ‘View>>Details>>File name extensions’ from the top menu. Now rename last three alphabets after the dot to .m4r by right clicking on the file and choose ‘Rename’ option. If prompted click on ‘Yes’ or ‘Use .m4r’.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 5

Step 6: Upload to your iPhone

From the windows explorer now drag the file you just renamed and drop it to your iPhone Library.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 6

Step 7: Select you Ringtone

Head to ‘Settings>>Sounds & Haptics>>Ringtone’ and choose your newly created ringtone from the list. After your selection, it should play a preview of your ringtone.

Make a ringtone on iPhone – Step 7

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